Tummy Mountain

Don’t you just love these?

They’re painted by Lloyd, who lives on Tummy Mountain with Wee Tiny and Wee Small. You can find them online by clicking here.

Here’s a conversation I had with Lloyd a little while back:

Hi Lloyd. Can I blog about you?

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry I have taken so long. I have answered the questions. I am not good at questions but I have tried very hard.
Where is Tummy Mountain and how did it get its name?
If you go outside and walk towards the distant hills, cross over the river and leave everything behind, look up and you will see Tummy Mountain. It got its name because it is shaped like a tummy and is a very snug and cosy place to be.
Have you always been an artist? If not, what did you do before you were one?
I have always been some kind of artist. Sometimes I have done other things and lost myself. Luckily my daughters lead me back to Tummy Mountain to paint and be happy.
I know the Small One made a lovely necklace with paperclips. Have you discovered any other uses for them? (The reason I ask is there is a small tub of coloured paperclips on my desk just begging to be let out….)
I haven’t found any uses for them I asked The Small One and she said you can make belts and shoes and they make very good hair clips.
Close your eyes. What is the first thing you see? How does it make you feel?
I see dancing spots. I don’t have any feelings about them at all.
Now open your eyes. What is the first thing you see? How does it make you feel?
I see trees and some very loud squawking cockatoos. They are like cheeky politicians up in a tree yelling out while nobody listens. They make me laugh.
When you were a wee one yourself, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a lighthouse keeper. Really, I did. Wee Small is asking me if I really wanted to be a lighthouse.
And now what do you want to be when you grow up?
A tugboat captain. All those silly dreams of being a lighthouse keeper are gone.
Do I have permission to use some images from your Etsy store on my blog with full credit to you as the artist and copyright owner, and with links back to your store?
I’m about to make a cup of tea. Would you like one too?
Yes. With a little bit of milk and no sugar.
 I do hope that helps,

And if you’re looking for examples of some really GREAT, and I mean stupendously good business writing, check out Tummy Mountain’s profile and policies. So well written they make my heart sing. And for some soulful observations of wee ones and their honest, open approach to life, check out the Tummy Mountain blog. Let Lloyd know you found him via pompalary when you leave him a note on his blog!



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