In the style of Julian Opie

After a truly appalling first year at school (rooly and trooly orfull… but perhaps more of that later…. one day… when I can vent without using obscene language), my daughter’s educational experience really turned around in year one. (That’s the second year of school here in NSW.)  Her teacher was fabulous. The kind of person who actually should be a school teacher. It’s such a tough job that it should be considered a calling, a vocation, rather than  job, I think, and only those fit to teach should be allowed to do so.

Anyway, her teacher last year was brilliant. And a perfect fit for my girl’s somewhat flighty creative nature. The room was just bare walls and boring grey at the beginning of the year, but by the end of the year it was such a beautiful place, full of the children’s creative expression (written, drawn, painted, sculpted, designed, constructed). It was a great place to be!

Here’s just one of the pieces of art my daughter brought home this year. A self portrait in the style of Julian Opie. I love it so much, we scanned it, sent it to snapfish and turned it into greeting cards. Here’s hoping 2011 will be good for her, too.

Self portrait by HT (6 years old) in the style of Julian Opie.


2 thoughts on “In the style of Julian Opie

    1. vividity Post author

      Thanks Andie! Not framed yet, but we will soon. And then had better get on and frame some of the wee one’s artwork, too.


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