What? No TV?

Yep. No TV.

It’s tough love in this house.

My darling 6-nearly-7-but-going-on-16-year-old daughter has been testing whatever boundaries she can find lately, most recently our rules around TV and doing as you’re asked. Long story short, she gave the little on button on our remote control a mightily defiant push, even though I had said to her that if she turned on the set, then it would be banned for a week.

So, no TV.

First week of the school holidays, and no TV.

First week of the school holidays and still a couple of clients waiting on their photos… And. No. T.V.

Kinda shot myself in the foot there, hey? Well… actually, it’s pretty good, really. Apart from getting next to no computer time during the day (I usually check emails, facebook, squeeze in a bit of editing while the kids are watching TV for half an hour), it’s been, well, nice! When I was a kid we had a holiday house with no TV, no radio, no phone… we didn’t even have a letter box! And they were the best holidays ever. We got bored.  Then we made our own fun. And my kids have been doing a bit of the same this week. It’s nice to watch how creative they are.

But of course, a 6-going-on-16-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy do need a little direction in their play from time to time. So what do you do with two kids and no TV?

You make wrapping paper, of course!

Here are some of this year’s Christmas gifts all wrapped up.

Not bad for kiddie-craft, don’t you think? I’m actually pretty pleased with how they turned out. Here’s how you do it. You’ll need:

  • a couple of bored kids (optional)
  • the tube from a roll of cling wrap or similar, cut into about 5 pieces
  • paint, in colours of your choice (we used white, gold, a nice jacaranda blue that I mixed myself, and a little bit of glitter paint)
  • a roll of craft paper
  • scissors
  • and a little bit of tolerance for mess


Cut a length of paper as long as your table (or whatever surface you’re working on), and then cut in half length-ways

Dip the circular end of  the pieces of tube into the paints and stamp away! Be as random or as regular in your pattern as you like. (We used fingers for the glitter paint.)

Set aside to dry.

And there you have it! Once it’s dry, use it to decorate all sorts of gifts, or as a table runner for your next kids’ party, or use it for handmade cards…. you’re limited only by your imagination.

Enjoy! Merry Christmas everyone!

PS: If you want to see some really beautiful gift wrapping, have a look at a creative mint.


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