Snap to it: Hair clip organiser tutorial.

If your girl is anything like my girl, you’ll never be able to find a hair clip when you want one, because they’re scattered all over the house. Here’s a really neat way to solve the problem:

What you’ll need:

  • Frame
  • sandpaper, paint and brushes (optional)
  • grosgrain ribbon (enough to stretch across your frame 4~5 times, depending on width of your frame).
  • scissors
  • staple gun
  • hanging devices (e.g. 3M picture hangers/velcro dots, etc.)

The frame I used came gratis from The Framing Factory (on the Pacific Highway in Roseville, for all you Sydney readers).

Go into your local framing shop, explain what you’re doing and ask if they have a ready made frame that they no longer want/need. I actually went in to buy a frame, and offered to pay for this one, but the owner of the store said it was one he was going to get rid of anyway, and that he was much happier knowing it was going to be used and enjoyed by my daughter. Wouldn’t take a cent for it. I even offered to buy a bone for his gorgeous dog, who likes to loll about the shop waiting for a pat, but no. Wouldn’t accept that either.   I’d never been in to the Framing Factory before, but you can bet with an attitude like that I’ll be checking them out when I have my next photography job to be framed!

Here’s how you do it:

Clean up the frame, removing any wire or twine that has been added for hanging.

Paint as desired. (I actually used a very pale blue as an undercoat… the colour of my daughter’s freshly painted room… and then sprayed with white gloss enamel, because we had these things left over from another project. Reduce, reuse, recycle!)

“Distress” the frame with sandpaper, if desired.

Cut the grosgrain ribbon into lengths slightly longer than the width of the frame so that you can tuck the raw edges under when you staple.

Fold about 1 cm over at each end of the ribbon, and staple one end to the back of the frame.

Pull the ribbon taught across the frame, and staple the other end to the back of the frame.

Repeat with each piece of ribbon.

Add hair clips, and there you have it!

Now I just need to go shopping for more hair clips. I think I’ll start here at Rosalind Grace’s shop. She has one on Made It, too, where you can shop in Aussie dollars. You’ll find it here.

Actually, it was through Ros’ blog that I first saw this idea of using a frame for hair clip storage. She has a post about Jenny Collier, a photographer in the USA, and the pictures of her daughter’s AMAZING bedroom. All a bit too pink and black for me, but I can imagine most little girls would just love it.

PS: Excuse the snapshots. These images were taken on a little point and press while I was waiting for the insurance company to replace all my camera gear that was stolen a while back.

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