Here’s another of my recent crochet patterns. I am thoroughly enjoying the creative process of making it all up myself! I made this one for a friend of mine who recently had a baby. Well, more accurately, I made it for her new baby. It should fit her when she’s about 6 months old, and, because of the stretch in this design, should last her for quite some time.

It’s made in Sublime’s cashmere merino silk blend, aran weight, in aubergine.

I’ve also made this pattern in a larger size and a different yarn for my daughter. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to photograph her in it soon!

I’d love a little love, so leave me a comment before you go!



5 thoughts on “Gigi

    1. vividity Post author

      A few minutes here and there…. before bed, mostly. Sometimes I sit and knit alongside the kids while they’re playing….. It relaxes me.

  1. Kathrin Friedrich

    Hi Jen,

    Wow, they are really beautiful. I did not realise you are into crafts. I really like them…wish we could do a market together. It’s funny, I am just working on a necklace with crochet flowers. I wish I had you here to take photos of my pieces. I am hopeless with my digital camera, or technology in general.

    I still owe you an answer to your e-mail…will get to it! I just had a friend from Melbourne with me, so australiasickness is at it’s peak!!!

    Love to you all


  2. vividity Post author

    Kathrin! So lovely to hear from you! And so good to hear (via facebook) that Paul is finally home. Yes, it’s a pity we’re not closer together. I’d so love a friend to catch up with over tea and craft. (Oh, and I’ve been into craft since I was a little girl… knitting, crochet, sewing… art… though not much skill at the last one, I’m afraid!). Do keep in touch! Miss you!


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