A little Parisienne number — knitted beret with lacy rib

Well, at last! A chance to take some photos of my girl modeling a few of the pieces I’ve knitted over the last several months AND a girl who was happy to have her photo taken AND good weather and light. The sun, stars and moon must have all been in alignment!

Here’s one of my latest hats. It’s a simple beret with a little bit of something fancy in the rib. I made it in my size, which is why it’s a slipping a little over H’s eye in some of these shots. I’m enjoying making up patterns as I go along. It makes the whole knitting process last so much longer ‘cos you have to try, undo, try, rip it undone again, and try again until you get it just right.

And I’m thoroughly enjoying making hats. Just the right size project for a time-poor mother of two young kids. When most things you do are interrupted and take several attempts to complete, it’s nice to have just a short, manageable project that you can actually finish. Keeps you in touch with how things used to be. BK. (That’s ‘before kids’.)

I didn’t pose H for the photos above. I just asked her to stand near the fence. (Just love the texture of an old fence!) And here’s what I get when I say, ‘Now you choose how you stand for the next photo.’

Where does that come from?


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