tangled yarns

An online friend of mine, Amanda Keeys,(photographer, knitter, mother of five. Yes, five.) put me onto tangled yarns, a yarn shop in Queensland that sells online, too. And I must say, I’m quite thrilled, because they stock Berroco yarns. I stumbled upon Berroco some time ago, and fell in love with their yarns and designs, only to find that they don’t ship to Australia! So, I rang my local wool shop, to see if they would be interested in stocking Berroco. They basically told me to bugger off. In a polite way, of course, but that was the message. “Not interested. End of discussion.” (And this, from a store that I’m in so often that my two-year-old knows where almost every different stock item is kept. And he actually behaves well in their store, too. They don’t know how lucky they are!)

Anyway, I’ve found a supplier for Berroco! Now all I need is the money to buy the yarn and pattern I’m lusting after, and the time to actually knit for myself. Oh, how indulgent would that be?

In the meantime, here’s a picture I snaffled from their blog (with permission, of course) of some of the owner’s recent work. I love this light weight jacket. Whisper, in cotton fine.

Might knit that one, too.

So, check out tangled yarns. You can click on their logo above, or you can use the link over to the right under knitting and crochet supplies.

And yes. That was mother of five. FIVE! And she runs a successful photography business, and an Etsy store, and has published a book of knitting patterns. How on earth does she do all that?!


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