What’s in a bloggy name?


I have taken up a challenge from quarter inch, and have decided to explain the name of this blog. I guess it is a bit of a strange name.

When Mr. Pompalary (now my husband) was a little boy, he had a cute little beanie hat with a pompom on it, and he called it his “pompalary hat”. When I first discovered Etsy, I thought perhaps one day I might end up selling some of my knitted hats there, and the thought came to me that “pompalary” would be a great user/business name. So there you have it! Wouldn’t you like a hat from “pomalary hats”? Maybe one day I’ll list something on Etsy…. in all that spare time I have 😉

And here’s  photo of the original pompalary hat, now worn by our son.



What’s that? Where’s our son? Well, he has actually worn the hat, and quite likes it, I think, but when I asked him if he would put it on and let me take a photo of him…..

“NO!” was his reply. Such a powerful word in a two-year-old!

PS: Do let me know if you actually would like a hat (or scarf, or….) from Pompalary and I will list on Etsy. Check out my other blog for some photos of my other knitting, and keep checking back here often.


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