out of the closet

Here’s a recent knitting project. Well….. I finished it recently. I started it before my daughter was born. She’s now five years old. (No on tells you before you have kids just how much work they are! There was a b-i-g hiatus in knitting!)

Anyway, here it is. Many of you will recognise the pattern. It’s from Sirdar book 297, “Cheeky Chinos”.




I made this version from pure silk yarn from a gorgeous jumper that I used to wear. I absolutely loved the jumper and wore it to its death. When it did finally die I decided to unravel it and re-use the yarn. You know what they say: reduce, reuse, recycle. Just doing my bit to reduce my carbon foot print, yada yada yada.

Unfortunately, as well as reducing my impact on the planet, I also reduced my stash, mostly by donating stuff to Lifeline/Smith Family/Vinnies and the like. So if you go op-shopping you might just find some of this gorgeous pure silk yarn somewhere….. I wonder what it would cost me to buy it back?!


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